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for the

Adventure of a Lifetime?

you say?

let the adventure begin

that you lead a busy life,
that your annual leave time
is precious.

that you don't want
to waste one single second
of it on just another
mundane, same, same holiday.

that you don't want to come home so exhausted from an adrenalin packed tour that you need a holiday from your holiday!

a new exciting adventure without having to plan everything down to the last tiniest detail.

the excitement
of an awesome
adventure, yet
at the same time be chillaxed with those
laid back feels and retro good time vibes.

if you had to go back to work still exhausted, still run-down,  because you've been running to a timetable, that you've rushed around trying to tick all the boxes just so you could say
"been there and done that!"

And then be feeling sad and sorry for yourself because yet another holiday ended up being not even the tiniest bit like the dream in your head?

What if all you had to do was hop into your retro kombi camper and hit the road?

What if that road led to jaw dropping scenery? What if you found a spot that said - stay here a while? And you did, for more than one night even!

Then what if you knew this - you don't have to be anywhere other than where you are right now.

You'll know to just be in the moment, breathe, and enjoy the company you're with. You'll be able to take pleasure in the slow journey of this new adventure, the anticipation of what might come next.

Your holiday will be totally the opposite of mundane and you'll be having a most amazing road trip!

What a

experience that will be!!

if you could have

Hey, we


And we

if you could have

How would you

we can help you with that dream!

We believe IT'S ALL ABOUT the

not just the destination


From the very moment you hop up into that retro kombi, for us that signals the excitement of the unknown.

Where will you head this time? What direction to take? Which coast has the best weather? What haven't we seen before? 

If you've never experienced  the pure joy of the unexpected, prepare yourself for a great adventure!

We totally believe it's all about the journey.


We aim for you to experience more FUN than you thought possible.

After all, you deserve it.

Maybe it's been a hard year, a long road, some ups, some downs, but this is it! This is where you get to soothe your soul. You deserve this.

A holiday in your own country, an overseas vacation, a short break from the daily grind, whatever you can manage - a kombi road trip will certainly cut the mustard.

We just KNOW you will have so much fun on your journey!

delivering the


invest in the adventure

never put a price on an experience,
you only get one life. 

You totally cannot put a price on an experience!

The excitement of the open road, new towns, cities, beaches, bush, mountains. New Zealand is a country of extremes, of grand vistas, scenery so stunning it will blow your mind! 

From thrill seeking adventures, to quiet walks - from hustling, bustling cities to small, quaint old time kiwi towns.

We've got it all here - so come and join us, we'd love to see you.

let's do this!

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invest in the


All our kombi's have their own unique personalities.

Let's see if we can match their vibe to yours.

Only 6 visual quickfire questions in our fun quiz to find out the kombi for you!

Check out our quiz here

Retro Kombi Vibes!

We're Lynda & Warren

Adventure following KOMBI FANATICS, seeking the thrill OF NEW ROAD TRIPS

"Happy to be on the road again?" I'll say to Warren as he gets behind the wheel at the start of our road trip. "Always" is the answer I get - Every. Single. Time!

We get a huge buzz out of driving our retro kombi van, Aggiee, and exploring New Zealand's stunning country, from small towns to cities, from beaches to lakes, from mountains to the bush. We've got it all here!

Makes our day when we get a wave, a thumbs up, or even yells from people hanging out their windows.

We even get random strangers popping over when we're parked up to talk about their past lives and adventures with their beloved kombi van, and we're happy to chat.

Isn't that what life is all about? Making connections.


From the mountains & trees

to the beaches & sea, i love it all.

I'm Warren, a typical kiwi with DIY attitude. 

Hunting and gathering is my jam and any chance I get I'll be out there!

Stalking white tail deer on Stewart Island | Snorkelling for paua at Riverton or Bluff | Diving for crayfish in Doubtful Sound | Blue cod fishing on Foveaux Strait.

I've owned a mechanical workshop for many a year now, so it's a bit of an occupational hazard to collect vehicles. Not sure how or why the collection expanded to kombi vans but there you go - and here we are!  

That buzz we get when we're driving our retro kombi van? I want you to feel that buzz too!

It totally makes my day when we see you at the end of your trip and you can't stop grinning because of the awesome time you've had!


From the love of the open road

to that feeling of freedom.

Hey, I'm Lynda, and creative is my middle name!

Sewing, gardening or creating in the kitchen. Any type of artwork and amateur photography. I LOVE black and white film photography most of all -it's so expressive!

A total introvert who hates small talk, I can still talk your ear off about kombi's, my fur babies, and sewing, which just happens to be my other great passion. Most days you'll find me proudly wearing something handmade (and funny thing, that retro vibe extends to my new/old-look Singer sewing machine - guess I love retro anything!)

I want you to feel that excitement, that passion, that happy, holiday experience - one you're going to talk about for years - because we only get one life and I want you to make the most of yours!

Check out our bucket list

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46 Ward St, Invercargill, New Zealand



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KIND WORDS from lovely folks

- 48 hour hire
- Pick up and Return must be
  Invercargill, NZ
- Additional security bond required
  $1,500 if 25 years of age and over
  $2,500 if under 25 years of age
- Unlimited kilometres
- Crockery/utensils/linen included

$397 NZ
2 Nights

Package 3

$187 NZ per day
longer than 2 weeks hire

Package 2

- Additional security bond required
  $1,500 if 25 years of age and over
  $2,500 if under 25 years of age
- Unlimited kilometres
- Crockery/utensils/linen included
- Pick up day of week flexible
- One way hires available
  (additional relocation fee applies
   depending on location)

- Additional security bond required
  $1,500 if 25 years of age and over
  $2,500 if under 25 years of age
- Unlimited kilometres
- Crockery/utensils/linen included
- Pick up day of week flexible
- One way hires available
  (additional relocation fee applies
   depending on location)

$197 NZ per day
up to 2 weeks hire

Package 1


pricing includes GST

back to home


repeat customers eligible
for 1 night free hire
with PACKAGE 1 hire

repeat customers eligible
for 2 nights free hire
with PACKAGE 2 hire


our dream is to own a split-screen kombi van - rare as hen's teeth and like gold. (this one is beyond repair!)



Visit and stay on Stewart Island, NZ.

stewart island


visit the signpost at Cape Reinga, tip of the North Island, NZ (FYI - this isn't it! Pictured here at Bluff in South Island, NZ)

cape reinga


live in the country and own some sheep.



live for 3 months each year in Italy.



tour the North Island of NZ in Aggiee.

north island


see a real, live kiwi in the wild.



experience the mail boat run in Pelorus Sounds, NZ.

mail boat


take our Aggiee to French Pass, Marlborough Sounds, NZ - the furtherest we got was Elaine Bay (pictured here)

french pass


experience the overnight cruise in Fiordland, NZ.

doubtful sound

Photo by Colin Watts on Unsplash


travel on The Lady of the Lake, the Earnslaw, up Lake Wakatipu, Queenstown, NZ.


Photo by Josh Withers on Unsplash


drive to Milford Sound, Fiordland, NZ and travel to the sea on the Milford Mariner

milford sound


visit these two iconic cities in the USA.

new york & san francisco

Photo by Zach Miles on Unsplash


build a tiny house and live in the middle of nowhere.

tiny house

Photo by Max Hermansson on Unsplash


own a Fiat 500C convertible and give her an italian name - vivere!



to travel around NZ in our kombi as a full time job.

kombi touring

bucket list